Monday, April 20, 2015

notes 2

1. A new grocery market has opened in our neighborhood, a branch of one from San Jose. I ventured over there today to check it out. Très yuppie. I wonder if it will last. It does carry a few things I usually have to go much further to find - my preferred brand of whole-wheat pasta, my favorite kind of polenta. I didn't need to do shopping today, but I bought a few items for too much money.

2. Speaking of food, does anyone know what to do with this? I bought a couple jars on impulse at the yuppie grocery in Palo Alto that was closing up shop. (According to employees, it had been doing fine, but the company was from another state and, like the Russians in Alaska, felt overextended.) Apparently it's to be used as a relish substitute, in dips, or in tuna salad, but we never eat any of those things.

3. Started watching the dramatization of Wolf Hall. Got bored and quit. Is Masterpiece Theatre just not what it used to be, or is it me?

4. Stopped watching John Oliver. He's discussing serious topics, but he's supposed to be funny, so he interrupts himself every 25 seconds to make a lame joke on an irrelevant subject. It's just too irritating.

5. I'm going to be away two of the four weekends in June, and otherwise occupied at least one day in the third, so my chances of getting to the Art Widner memorial to be held that month do not look good.

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