Tuesday, August 23, 2016

I do not exist

Yesterday I tried contacting the software vendor whose product we use at my library. Usually I phone them, but this time, weird things happened when I called either of their numbers and I did not get through. Details aren't important, but I found on their website they also have an online chat function. I tried that and it worked, and after we finished the business I'd wanted to consult about, I raised the issue of the problems with the phones.

I can't get over their response, even though it's the one I usually get in such circumstances. They said - and I have it right here on the chat transcript - "We have not been having any problems receiving phone calls." So I put right back, "Yes, you have been having problems receiving phone calls. You've had problems receiving mine. You just didn't know that, because you didn't receive them."

Then they said, "This is the only comment we've received such as yours."

That assumes nobody else just gave up. There's something uniquely belittling about being told you're the only one with this problem as if that somehow mitigates it. So I said, "I feel like I'm being told I do not exist. But I do exist, and this happened."

Then they said they'd check into it, but I didn't want to wait around while that happened. So I thanked them, said we'll see what happens next time, and logged off.

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