Tuesday, August 23, 2016

movie tally

Despite quite recently declaring proudly my complete ignorance of the popular culture of the 21st century, I was intrigued by this list of the top films of that century so far. (There's supposed to be 100, but it lists 25.) Well, perhaps many of them are not so popular.

I've seen 12 of these 25, almost exactly half, and I'm pleased to say that I enjoyed 9 of them. (Of the other 3, one I found so boring I turned it off, one I just dislike the lead actor, and one I thought a piece of pretentious crap. But none of those were what I suspect are the two most controversial films on the list, Mulholland Drive and Lost in Translation, both of which impressed me quite a bit. No, the piece of pretentious crap was There Will Be Blood.

But though I liked the nine movies, and think they're good movies, only one or two would I consider as among my own favorite films, and what I consider the best new movie I've seen in this time period, Joss Whedon's Much Ado About Nothing, isn't on the 25. I hope it's somewhere else down the full list.

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