Friday, January 20, 2017

instead of watching the inauguration ...

... we took Maia to the vet for her regular appointment. No special reason for today; this just happened to be a good day to schedule it, being the second day of one of B's long weekends, and having postponed it from last month as we didn't want to risk having the cat run up the Christmas tree while chasing her down to put in the cat carrier.

As usual, we succeeded in outwitting the cat by closing all the doors except the one to the hall bathroom. Bathrooms: not good places for cats to hide inaccessibly, though they don't seem to realize that. We'll see how long we can continue to pull this trick.

At the vet's, we were confronted by the conundrum that Maia is gaining weight despite the fact that she hardly ever eats anything. It's not like she's sluggish, either.

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