Saturday, January 21, 2017

Maggie Roche

This is news as grievous to me as the inauguration of Trump: Maggie Roche has died.

I've written before of how I discovered the Roches when Dan'l brought back their first trio album when it was new in 1979. The first song I listened to, which convinced me this was a group for me, was Suzzy's "The Train," but I don't mind saying that it was Maggie I developed my crush on. Her striking deep voice (she was that rarest of vocal types, a true contralto), her shy and elusive performing style, her solid backing on the guitar (she was the trio's principal instrumentalist), and most of all her cryptic and deeply evocative songwriting, won my heart.

There's a number of performances at the above link, but to my mind the ideal and representative Margaret A. Roche composition is this song:

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