Saturday, January 27, 2018

David Oberhelman

The flu season has been particularly bad this year, with many fatalities, and that's struck home because it's taken David Oberhelman.

David O. was a stalwart of the Mythopoeic Society (where there are many Davids: we also have David E., David L., and David B. among the prominent members, all present or former officers), where he was Awards Administrator for many years before stepping down at the end of last year.

At tabulating votes and keeping rein on the discussions among the awards committee members, David O. did an admirable job; and he presided over the awards ceremonies at Mythcon each year, which was a greater challenge to him because he had the most severe case of stage fright I've known personally: tough enough that it sometimes physically prevented him from giving conference presentations. But he got through the ceremonies, and not just ours: here he is, at left, giving a best paper award to a presenter at the Southwest Popular Culture Association last year. Duty to facilitate the organizations he belonged to was a strong sense in him. He was also friendly, an involving conversationalist, and a good man to have around.

David O. was a librarian at Oklahoma State University, and it was increasing responsibilities at his job there which had caused him to step down from his Mythopoeic Awards post. He is survived by his cats. He will be missed.

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