Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Gandalf Tea Wednesday

1. It's Tolkien's birthday today. He's 126 - which I guess is twelvety-six - today. Many happy returns.

2. A book that the (British) Tolkien Society had promised to send me came in the mail today. Many happy arrivals.

3. First rain of the year today. First rain in two months, actually. Many happy soaks.

4. Public library was closed yesterday, which I wasn't expecting. Open today, though, so I could finally take back the books I had out over the holidays. Many happy returns.

5. Cut up and pasted in a new printout of my address book into my new year's pocket calendar today. The old model had the guide letters printed on the page and I just ignored one; this one has them sticking out in tabs, so I put page breaks in the file so it'd match up. No surprise that I have a lot more names under AB and OP than IJ or YZ. Many happy alphabet-blocks.

6. Had tea for lunch, actually, at a local Chinese restaurant I'd been meaning to check out for suitability for ordering quick takeout dinners that would satisfy both B. and myself. Probably not on this one, though I may lunch there again. Many happy meals.

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