Friday, December 21, 2018


1. The last adult has left the building. (You know which building. It has an oval-shaped room in it.) Oh dear.

2. Alex Ross is trying to convince us that György Kurtág is a good composer. No he isn't.

3. Pippin's internal clock, the one he uses to determine when it's time to be fed, runs fast, and one thing he knows: when I'm home, he's to be fed before B. comes home from work. Recently she came home early, and he hadn't been fed, so he expressed his displeasure by thinking outside the box. As B. put it, he'd converted from Catholic to Episscopalian.

4. A few days earlier, I exercised my membership in the Frequent Fallers Club. My innards got disheveled, and are slowly shifting their way back into place.

5. The grocery had only the extra-large size of one of my favorite rice mixes. Never mind, I can use it to fix my contribution to the Christmas celebration with B's family, since I was going to make a rice mix anyway.

6. With a little help from me, the cats bought us several presents this year. They're stacked underneath the tree, waiting for the day. It's coming ...

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