Friday, December 21, 2018

poorhouse in the village

When Google announced that it was acquiring land in the scattered industrial/commercial/residential zone west of downtown San Jose for a future Google village, I looked at the little maps in the paper nervously, because my favorite local restaurant, the Poor House Bistro, is located in a converted house right in the middle of that territory.

Next time I was there, I asked the counter clerk what their status was. "We're safe: we own the building," she said. Apparently they don't own the land, though, or not any more, for here's a report that the land has been sold to Google.

The owner sounds confident about remaining, though: they have a long-term lease. At least, an expiration of 2021 sounds impressively far off, but it's actually only 2 or 3 years.

Will Google keep it around after the redevelopment? If not, I'll have something else to be annoyed with Google about.

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