Tuesday, January 14, 2020

inanimate loss

Passengers in my little Honda Fit have sometimes wondered what it would be like in a major accident. Well, now I know.

At 8 AM this morning, as I was heading out on errands, I was gently pulling to a stop behind another car at a traffic light, when suddenly I was slammed into from behind by a third car, containing a woman ferrying her son to school. This pushed my car heavily into the car in front. I heard both major bangs, and felt myself being heavily jostled back and forth. I didn't immediately notice that the air bag had deployed, but I did feel the front compartment of the car partially collapse. Fortunately not so much that I couldn't unbuckle and get out. The rear also collapsed.

Both my car and the one behind were total wastage, and got towed off to the knacker's. I phoned the police, who came and took a report.

Nobody seemed seriously injured. I gathered my stuff and walked the two miles home. Right then that seemed preferable to even getting into a car, let alone driving one. Over the day I began feeling sorer, especially around the neck and jaw, and eating is a little dicey. B. heated me soup with very small bits in it for dinner. After contacting B. and calling the insurance company, I made an appointment with my doctor to be checked out, though I'm going to wait a couple days to do it, both to see how I'm doing and to hope I'm feeling ready to get back in a car again. That's Thursday, which is also the beginning of a set of work (reviewing) assignments I have to drive to.

I may be subsisting on rental cars for a little while. I don't have the heart to buy another one. I had this car for less than eleven months.


  1. Yikes. I'm so sorry to hear about this and very glad that you're okay. I have been in less serious accidents and felt the effects later. How are you today?