Wednesday, April 22, 2020


The sad news came last weekend that Three Twins Ice Cream has ceased business. On top of an already precarious financial situation, the virus proved to be just too much. It's a shame, because they had my business: this brand has been my favorite ice cream since I first tried it, my eye caught by the unusual name in my grocer's freezer case. (The owner is a twin, and once shared an apartment with his twin brother and the brother's wife, who is also a twin: hence three twins.)

What I particularly like, or liked, about it is that it's an ice cream that's more ice than cream, instead of the other way around as most brands are. There are a few others of the kind: Graeter's in Cincinnati, but that's too far away in space; Old Uncle Gaylord's, but that closed decades ago and is too far away in time. And, of course, like all good ice creams of any kind, its mint chip (which they call Mint Confetti) is colored white, not green.

That is my favorite flavor of ice cream, but I was also particularly fond of Three Twins' Mexican Chocolate (with a hint of cinnamon in it), and they had a lot of other good flavors, plus the most unusual Dad's Cardamom. I only had that once; it was really interesting, and I'm glad I had it, but I don't really need to do that again.

It wasn't until today that I got down to the grocer's, and I wasn't expecting to find any left in the case, but there was. I scored the last two pints of Mint Confetti plus a mocha. I'm not going to save it up: this'll be my dessert for the next few days, and after that I'll dream of it, as I still do of Old Uncle Gaylord.

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