Monday, June 29, 2020

better not take down this statue

McGovern statue

It's George and Eleanor McGovern, in front of the McGovern Library, dedicated in 2006 on the campus of Dakota Wesleyan University, where they both were students, in Mitchell, South Dakota.

I'm not making any trips myself, but I can be vicarious. My brother is driving through South Dakota, and last night he phoned me from Sioux Falls, which he reported to have nothing much of interest except the smell of cow lots. He mentioned he'd be passing through Mitchell today, and I said, "That's George McGovern's home town, you know," so we hastily checked to see if there was anything commemorating that fact, and found this. And here we are, and here is the visual record of his visit there today. We collect presidential historical sites, and there's room in our interest for a few should-have-beens.

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