Thursday, September 3, 2020

exercise vehicle

Probably the biggest impact of the pandemic on us personally has been the closing of the local gym, a 24-Hour Fitness outlet, where we had memberships. Even with spacing and the cleaning down of machines between users, it's still full of sweat and heavy breathing, so not a good place to go in the circumstances.

The problem is that that pretty much put paid to my exercise program for about six months. I'd been relying mostly on the gym's reclining stationary bicycle, which is far superior to the upright kind on the tuchis. I'm no longer steady enough to ride a real bike, and I can't walk fast enough to build up any cardio benefit.

Eventually B. bought online a portable pedaling device. It's not all that portable, and it's not all that steady and smooth, but it works if you're seated in the upright chair in front of the tv without causing discomfort, and I can watch old episodes of something or other while exercising. Time to go down soon and do that. I'm trying setting my exercise sessions mid-evening; let's see how that affects my sleep.

Meanwhile, today's mail brings official notification that 24-Hour Fitness has declared bankruptcy, with instructions for potential creditors. We're not that, as they suspended monthly membership fees when the gyms closed, which was civil of them but doubtless contributed to the current crisis. Bankruptcy is more often to restructure debt than to terminate the company, so here's hoping they're still in business whenever it's safe to go there again.

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