Saturday, September 5, 2020

Labor Day weekend

Once on a time, Labor Day weekend meant Worldcon, whether I was attending it or not. But a number of reasons, including the gradual departure of Worldcon from that once-sacred date, have eroded that connection. For many people, it's a last opportunity to have a summer grilling party, as suggested by the dearth of raw meat in the market when I went there early this morning to fill the holes from yesterday's weekly grocery order.

But I don't go to those, so for me it's just another weekend with no opportunity to look forward to a postal delivery on Monday.

Except that this weekend we have scheduled another heat attack. At least it won't be as lengthy as the previous one, so it may feel less enervating. But I am considering going out in my air-conditioned car to a naturally air-conditioned spot. Today's weather forecast suggests that part, though not all, of the coastal regions will be foggy and thus cool. So if the same holds for tomorrow, I may go out then. The only catch for a car trip of any length is the difficulty in pandemic times of finding a usable restroom.

Meantime, we hope that B's computer has been fixed, again. A few days ago her programs began slowing down and freezing. Took it into the repair store (the same one where we'd bought this computer a couple years ago, not that that makes any difference). An expensive day later, it came back, only to prove susceptible to sudden OS collapses and a subsequent error message declaring a refusal to boot. Took it in again. Apparently all the settings were wrong, but who set them that way? Anyway, it seems to be working now.

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