Friday, December 18, 2020

contemplating food

Today we did the big weekly grocery shopping to include Christmas dinner next Friday. In practice that meant submitting the online order to the grocery store yesterday morning and hoping that most of what we ordered would be there.

Fortunately, I was able to get all the ingredients to make Kamala Harris's special recipe for cornbread stuffing, but things were a little trickier with the turkey. The 3-pound mixed white-and-dark turkey roast, which served us fine for Thanksgiving, has not been on the online menu this or any other recent week (which doesn't mean they don't have it). I tried, therefore, to order a 4-pound whole young turkey, but I guess they were out of that, for what I got was a 7-pound breast. That will keep us in turkey meat for quite a while, but I'm not keen on an all-white meat diet. (Fortunately I got enough gravy.) And it wasn't even frozen, which surprised me. I'm reluctant to freeze it, since it might have been previously frozen and a lot of things are not good frozen more than once. However, the wrapper did say use or freeze by the 28th, so I guess it'll be OK. So it went into the refrigerator instead of the freezer, where perhaps there is slightly more room.

Also on the food front, our town's mayor - who'd already shown his civic duty by convening a healing "unity gathering" sponsored by a variety of religious groups after a madman drove into a family he thought was Muslim - has undertaken a civic "restaurant project" by getting his takeout lunch sequentially from every locally-owned restaurant in the city that's open for it and then posting an entry for each on Facebook. As restaurant reviews these are no great shakes, but as an informative list for locals' use it's great. Right now I'm not getting food from anywhere where I have to get out of the car at all, but I'm keeping it handy for when the pandemic eases up a little. The fact is that I only know my half of the city, and am more likely to shop in neighboring towns than in the other half. And I hadn't realized, for instance, that there are several more take-out Chinese cafeterias over there than the three nearby ones I normally frequent. Will have to look into this.

Not food-related, but I care even if nobody else does: links to videos of 34 states' electoral college proceedings.

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