Wednesday, December 23, 2020

the day before the day before

We usually pick up our weekly shopping on Friday, but this week it'll have to be Saturday for obvious reasons. That renders more urgent the intermediate small shopping I usually do mid-week, also done by pre-order since the pandemic went into overdrive. I had to force myself not to include staples that we weren't at immediate risk of running out of, just mostly produce that we'd actually need, because I wanted to make as small a burden on the store as possible in the mad pre-holiday rush.

But it seems, from what I found today, that the pre-holiday rush is already over. Unlike last week's big order, which wasn't ready until 3 hours after our requested pickup time, this one was ready 1.5 hours before the pickup time. That never happens. And as I drove to the store, there was no traffic and all the lights were green. That never happens either.

B. had complained that we hadn't been able to order Christmas cookies. So her sister, the family's great baker, made some for us and dropped them off today. She also dropped off some lemons from her backyard tree. Somebody got the color balance off and they're orange, but they're lemons. So I need to find something to do with them. Hmm, we have chicken and now we have lemons, therefore = lemon chicken.

Would it were always that easy. (Last time she brought tomatoes, so I invented homemade marinara sauce, a recipe that had always previously begun: 1. Buy jar of sauce.)

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