Wednesday, January 20, 2021

"Well, that's it," I said. "Our long national nightmare is over."

Of course I was watching the inauguration. Klobuchar as MC was enthused. Amanda Gorman, the national poet, gave her own version of an inaugural address. It felt securing to have such determination and aspiration from a young person. Biden's speech was also aspirational, but it specifically brought up all the major problems we face, including racial issues: so it felt clear-eyed and also determined. Justice Sotomayor, didn't anyone tell you how to pronounce "Kamala"?

Three ex-presidents and their wives were there, huddled together. Everyone wanted to talk to Barack Obama. Were I to greet him today, I'd say, "We miss you. I liked your book." The Carters had to decline attendance due to age, I guess, but Biden mentioned them. He didn't mention the one who was missing.

Mike Pence, thank you for being there, sir, to represent the transition, as also for having carried out your duty in presiding over the electoral vote count. Now you can go home to Indiana and may we never have to think about you again. And take the fly with you.

Of course I was interested in the music. Lady Gaga was a little creative with the tune to "The Star-Spangled Banner," and dressed as if to remind everyone that the Duchess of Windsor was American. Jennifer Lopez was extremely creative with her tunes. I don't think I'd heard her sing before; is she always like that? Garth Brooks had to refrain from being creative with "Amazing Grace" if he wanted everyone to sing along, which we did; and he walked as if he were trying simultaneously to ride a horse.

Aerial shot of the scene. Look, Donald, a smaller crowd than yours!

Now the next exciting news is the Senate. When does it turn to Democratic control? Maybe this afternoon - they meet at 4:30 EST - but not yet. As of this writing the new senators have still not taken office, as the list of senators on the official website doesn't include them and still has Loeffler (who as an appointee stays in office until her successor formally takes over). She gave a farewell speech yesterday, in which she went so far as to denounce "cancel culture," pretty ironic since she supported the biggest cancel-culture warrior of them all. It's not until both of VP Harris taking the chair and all three new senators, including Harris's successor, take office that the Democrats can take control. You need all those things, not just some of them.

Anyway, we got through that OK, though I nearly froze in terror at a momentary break in the tv feed during President Biden's speech. "President Biden": that feels good, and especially "Vice President Harris" - wow, that's amazing. Well, on to the next step.

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