Wednesday, July 13, 2022

the least important part

When I posted about this in an article comment section I got a sarcastic reply about how important this must be, but there's no requirement that comments be on important topics. Therefore this is an unimportant post.

But it seems to me an indication of something - maybe the unreality for us old folks of the whole idea of years beginning with "2" - that people are having trouble either remembering what year it is now, or that a December-January timeline is going to have two different years attached to it.

At the hearing yesterday, chairman Thompson made one of his imposing references to the committee's topic, phrasing it as "the events of January 6, 2020." Oops.

Then I saw an article with a reference to the "tweet Donald Trump sent after midnight on December 19, 2021." Oops.

That this is later referred to as "last December" demonstrates the author's further detachment from mundane considerations of time.

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