Wednesday, September 7, 2022

heat wave

It's been very hot here - over 100 degrees F, and we're in one of the cooler parts of the area - for several days now, and it'll continue through tomorrow.

A couple years ago during such a wave I retreated to a hotel for a couple of nights so that I could sleep under air conditioning, but B. has learned to be vigilant in the use of fans, and the nighttime temperatures are not too bad.

Daytime, not so much. Yesterday I spent the whole afternoon at a library - a tiny branch in an obscure corner of the jurisdiction, which proved to be not very crowded - and fortunately I had something printed out that I needed to read, so that was worthwhile.

The cats have been stretching out on the linoleum downstairs. Usually if I head upstairs around 5 p.m., Tybalt bounds past me to get upstairs first, because he figures I'm on the way to the bathroom where the cat food is kept, and they will get fed. Almost always he's right about my destination.

Today, though, he lay lying there until he heard me opening the canisters: then he bounded up. But he clearly wasn't going to expend any energy until he was absolutely certain that he was about to be fed.

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