Friday, June 9, 2023

an incident

Arriving at the bus stop in the City at 10:30 pm after my concert, I leaned my arm up against the outside wall of the bus shelter. At which the man sitting inside the bus shelter on that side - he was Black, probably about 40, with a cap and a smartphone he was looking at - suddenly said, "Are you intending to hit me?" I said, "What?" which was a mistake, for he then launched into a long and mostly unintelligible diatribe, including a lot of insult terms, among them the N-word. It was at that point that I figured out he wasn't really talking to me but was off in a world of his own.

Then, although by appearances waiting for the bus, he got up, went around me - if he'd been planning a physical attack, that would have been the moment - and walked off, last seen by me crossing the street at the intersection.

That might not even make the top ten spookiest encounters I've had in the City.

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