Wednesday, June 14, 2023


Monday was our 29th, would you believe? (And not counting the 5 1/2 years we were together before that.)

B. was at orchestral rehearsal that afternoon, so it wasn't a good night to go out for dinner, so I made our special turkey meatloaf, plus steamed brussel sprouts (B's favorite). Besides, the Mexican restaurant I had in mind is closed Mondays, so we went on Tuesday, after feeding the cats. It's a place I hadn't been to on my own, as it doesn't do lunch. Food fairly good. I had shrimp loaded with strips of bell pepper, B. had a chicken burrito.


We've read the indictment. How anybody can continue to carry support for this malign thug is beyond belief, but then the same thing was true after hearing the Billy Bush tape, and anybody capable of bearing an ounce of shame must have left then. The defenses beggar the imagination: Kevin McC. says a bathroom is a good place to secure sensitive documents because it has a door that locks. From the inside, you clown, from the inside. Does he think the documents have hands and can lock the door themselves? Is he as stupid as he's making himself out to be, or is it just a deliberate fogging of the issue?

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