Thursday, July 20, 2023

it spells "Tolkien"

I guess I can pass this info on. The rumor is true: an expanded edition of The Letters of J.R.R. Tolkien will be published later this year. This collection of Tolkien's correspondence with his children, his publishers, his readers, and others has been a vital source for information on his thought and intent since it was first published in 1981, and even more so after it finally got an adequate index some twenty years later, compiled by the indispensable Wayne G. Hammond and Christina Scull.

The new edition will contain material cut from the original to fit the book down to the size the publishers wanted. I can't wait to see what they had left out.

And it will have a good index.


  1. The news has been out for a while now. You might want to follow the regular news round-up for Tolkien scholars, 'Tolkien Gleanings'.

    1. Yes, I actually first heard the publication info some time ago. What inspired this post was confirmation from the source for the last line.