Tuesday, July 11, 2023

saved by the

A few weeks ago an old crown on one of my teeth broke, and when I went in to the dentist I reported on an episode of extreme temperature sensitivity I'd had on the other side of my mouth for a couple of days. The dentist poked around over there and thought I'd need a root canal job. I was given a referral to an endodontist who, I only found out by accident later, had moved to a different office than the one listed on the referral. (The phone number was the same, and they didn't mention the move when I phoned.)

I made the appointment for after the new permanent crown would be secured and in use for a bit, because not being able to chew on both sides of my mouth at the same time is beyond my skill set. Fortunately the temperature sensitivity didn't recur. Unfortunately, the endodontist's new office is right by where I had my auto accident a few years ago, a spot I'd been trying to avoid ever since.

So it was this morning that I went in. The good news is that the endodontist ran some more detailed tests on my tooth sensitivity, and reported that I didn't need a root canal job after all, at least for now. However, I did have to pay for the exam.

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