Monday, April 1, 2024


Customary Easter gathering for food and conversation at the spacious house of our well-organized niece. About half relatives, half friends of the hosts. I brought steamed broccoli, just about the only offering which was neither meat nor carbohydrates. B's sister, the family's whiz baker, baked me a birthday cake, chocolate of course. Nephew T., master of the outdoor cooking, roasted two chickens by the beer-can method. Approaching the platter at serving time, I took two of the four wings. Coming back for seconds much later, the other two wings were still there, so I took them too. If nobody else likes wings but me, I won't deny myself.

Cats were petted. Plastic easter eggs were gathered from the front lawn. They proved to contain not chocolate, but little plastic dinosaurs. B. and I have no use for these, so we gave them back along with the eggs, which have been reused for years beyond count. Although I did not fail to point out that we could use the dinosaurs to imitate Wash. "And we will call it This Land!"

Fortunately things were late enough getting going that we missed the closure of the freeway caused by a wrong-way driver doing what wrong-way drivers do, which is crashing into other cars.

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