Tuesday, March 29, 2016

getting a handle

Learned from a plumber: Toilet handles can go bad, too. That's why the flapper valve sometimes gets stuck in the on position and the pump keeps running, and you have to jiggle the handle.

So I said, as long as you're fixing that along with everything else wrong with this one, let's replace the handle on the other toilet too, because that also does that occasionally.

Cost was close to a couple week's rent, but the job got done.

In other news, I had two casual and incidental encounters with police today. (In one case, it was CHP that stopped to check that there wasn't anything wrong when I'd pulled off the highway; in the other case, I stepped into an elevator to find two cops already there.) I realize now that, on both occasions, I happened to put my hands in my pockets and pull them back out again. I expect it's because I'm white that I'm still here to tell you about it.

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