Wednesday, March 30, 2016


Well, I just haven't had time to consider the question, but since I'm up against the deadline and since my supporting membership in Sasquan gives me the right, I might as well nominate for the Hugos.

I haven't been keeping track of recommended reading lists, so I had to consult just the Locus and Nesfa lists, which I knew about, for reminders. While I've read a couple new novels last year, I had to draw a near-blank on short fiction, except for one story whose title so delighted me that, since it was online, I immediately went and read it. B. has been watching SF series on television but I haven't, so I left DP Short blank also. I am still getting a couple fanzines, so I nominated those.

Retros were in some ways easier, because I could consult content lists of the top magazines and bibliographies of my favorite authors, not to mention the Wikipedia catalogs of Disney and Warner cartoons. Hey, Fantasia came out in 1940, so I'm definitely nominating that. And for a novel, T.H. White's third Arthurian, The Ill-Made Knight, which I actually have in its original form. But 1940 was not a good year for the Inklings in publication, and the only piece I wound up nominating was Tolkien's essay on translating Beowulf, in Related Work, since it is a work though it was never published as a separate book. But I didn't make any fan category nominations for Retro because, though I could easily think of five good fan writers from that era, the ballot asks for examples and I don't have any bibliographic info to tell who wrote what when.

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