Thursday, February 22, 2018

a rough couple of days

A routine visit to the remote university library for a quick research item turned into a disastrous day out for reasons I won't get into, redeemed only by the research errand itself turning out to be unexpectedly easy.

And I'm doing things like running over unseen curbs in parking lots.

Then I misplace my datebook, an only occasional but critical failure, as it's my external memory, which spoils one day; and the instant it turns up - in a place I'm sure I already looked, typical - literally the instant, I find that I've lost my computer glasses. The ones that, though I often absently put them down in the wrong place, I've never been unable to find before. The ones that I need in order to read my computer in some other mode than with my nose pressed up against the screen, so guess where I am now?

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