Monday, February 5, 2018

English suites and others no. 23

Our Celtic tour takes us next to the big country in the north, Scotland. William Alwyn was an English composer, usually of serious mien, who popped across the border long enough to collect a light and quick Suite of Scottish Dances: folk dances, that is.

They are The Indian Queen (0.00), A Trip to Italy (1.07), Colonel Thornton's Strathspey (1.57), Reel: The Perthshire Hunt (4.09), Reel: Loch Earn (5.06), Carleton House (6.08), and Miss Ann Carnegie's Hornpipe (6.55).

Unusually for a light suite of this kind, the slow movement - in this case, the strathspey, and the only one lasting much over one minute - is by far the most compelling. If you want a link to it just by itself, it's here.

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