Wednesday, October 23, 2019

an exercise in missing the point

London theatre to ban visitors from bringing single-use plastic bottles

They're not actually single-use. They're good for being refilled, and I've used some that lasted for months. They weigh less than permanent bottles, and if you forget yours when leaving the restaurant or theatre (a problem I've struggled with for years), they're easier to find for sale and less expensive to replace. And having to buy a new plastic bottle because you've lost your old one is, I submit, less harmful to the environment than having to buy a new permanent one.

Right now I'm using one whose brand name is "Oregon Rain." That's enough to remind me that I bought it at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival theater snack bar nearly two weeks ago, because I'd accidentally left the previous bottle behind at a restaurant where I'd stopped for a snack. I'm doing the best I can with these things.

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