Friday, October 4, 2019

o to be a blogger

1. I've been having trouble following the latest twists on Brexit, including the details of Boris's proposed deal, because the Guardian has been preferring to run its coverage in liveblogs, which are thin on details and background. So I'm grateful for this week's Slate This Week in Brexit column.

2. Live link to an hour-and-a-half documentary on Fawlty Towers. That's the length of three episodes. I haven't had time to watch much of this, and I'm tired of keeping the tab open.

3. Best English Lit comedy I've seen in a long while: Off-the-cuff translation of the Prologue to The Canterbury Tales.

4. No kidding: it's the entire corpus of Peanuts, online.

5. For locals only: community submission draft maps for city council districts for Pacifica and Sunnyvale. I participated in the workshops for the latter, where I live, but decided not to submit my map because the regulations dictating what criteria you could use to draw them were too much of a tangle for me. None of the final maps resemble mine; nos. 101 and 105 (from the complete submission file) look the most like mine.

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