Monday, October 21, 2019

fish I dislike

Why I'm posting about this now beats me, but upon seeing a shelf of cans of tuna in the store, I realized I have a list. Generally I like fish, but these are the exceptions.

ling cod1
drum (croaker)2

These fish are either too dry for my preference (first two) or have an odd taste (the rest).

1. But not other kinds of cod, just this.
2. According to the wikipedia article, this kind of fish is generally not considered good eating, and having had some I can see why. But then why did I find it as the fish of the day in one of the finest restaurants in New Orleans?
3. To my regret, I find that the works of the renowned author by this name also have an odd taste.
4. I don't really dislike snapper that much, I just had too much of it when it was the regular special at the Fish Market.

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