Monday, September 20, 2021

come back next week

Seeing articles urging their readers to get the annual flu vaccine now, and seeing reports by clients of the UK NHS that they're already doing just that, we were primed to act on an e-mail B. received from Kaiser, our health service provider, that the vaccine was being rolled out this week, which is about when it usually appears. (I didn't get this e-mail. What Kaiser sends me are updates on the covid booster situation, which usually amount to "Reply hazy - ask again later.")

Owing to differing personal schedules, B. and I don't do many errands together, even when we're both doing them, but we drove down to the Kaiser facility this morning. No flu shots. The e-mail was in error, or something. It starts next week, and it will be drive-through.

Meantime, I'm taking comfort in the covid situation from our sterling numbers. My county is 73% vaccinated - that's out of the total population, and is third-highest in the state. Of 10 counties forming the greater Bay Area, 9 have rates of 66% or higher, all of them higher than anywhere else in the state. (The tenth is 55%.) The SoCal urban cluster is right behind it, though, at 60-64% in the various counties.

Meanwhile, the lone rural county that topped the recall poll at 82% bottoms out the state's vacc rate at 24%. 24%! Nobody else is below 31%, and few enough around there. I'm staying far away from there.

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