Monday, September 27, 2021

flew shot

No we didn't fly, we drove to our flu shot, but it was a longer drive than we'd hoped.

So various articles had been urging people to get their flu shots early this year. Our provider had said they were going to start last week, but when we went in to our local facility, they said they weren't starting for another week. Then B. discovered they had a hotline number that confirmed this, but when I tried it a few days later, it had been changed to say that they'd postponed it indefinitely.

Other vendors were offering the shot (though it wouldn't be free, but quite expensive, if we did it that way), so this was vexing. But then it occurred to me: the phone hotline voice menu had asked callers to specify their local facility. What if I specified a different facility?

And what do you know: two of them, about 20 miles away in different directions, had already set up their flu clinics. It was just ours that was running late.

So to one of these we drove this morning. Two lines under tents in the parking lot, one for flu shot, one for covid vaccine. The former line was much longer; this is civilized country, so most people around here already have their covid vaccine. One man in the covid line was wearing a t-shirt that read "Just Do It" and I wondered, if that's his philosophy why hadn't he been vaccinated already?

Our line was mostly older people, although a family group in front of us had 2 small children, both of whom cried like the dickens when their turn came, as the nurses kept saying "It's all right." No it isn't, I'm sure the kids wanted to reply: you're sticking a needle into me! Everyone was masked although one older person had it pulled down to her chin, which is pretty clueless. It took over an hour to wend through the line though there were plenty of open stations. It was 10 am when we got there, and when we left at 11 the line was much longer and extended out of the tent, which it hadn't when we arrived, to a much hotter parking lot than it had been when we arrived.

But we're jabbed now and I hope that takes care of that. Next, still waiting for word from Godot about the covid boosters.

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