Wednesday, September 15, 2021

election results

The 2003 gubernatorial recall received 55.4% yes votes. This one received 36.1%. Hah.

Counties voting "no" both times: 15 (Bay Area, north coast, LA). Counties voting "yes" both times: 27 (mostly Central Valley and mountain). Counties voting "yes" in 2003 and "no" in 2021: 16.

In the replacement vote, Larry Elder got 46.9%. Last time, Arnold got 48.6%. Elder got the most in every county except San Francisco, where he trailed Paffrath 20.3% to 21.0%. Elder's strong showing may well be due to Democrats abstaining, but I haven't calculated that.

My candidate, Joel Ventresca, had 2.7% statewide and came in 8th. In a field of 46, that shows that at least somebody was paying attention. He was nowhere worse than 13th in a couple of valley counties. His best showing was in Mendocino County, where he came in 2nd with 8.5%. Then San Francisco, his home county, 7.9% which was enough for 4th. 3rd in Humboldt with 7.4%. Also above 6% in Yolo (where Davis is) and Alameda (where Berkeley is). The north coast has real pockets of progressivism, but of course they're very small counties. His great showing in Mendocino was with 768 votes. Down here he came in 6th with 3.8%, but this is a populous county so that was 8930 votes, 6.6% of his entire statewide total (we're 4.9% of the state in total population) and 4th largest in the state, after Alameda (also fairly large and where he did very well) and Los Angeles and San Diego (which are very large indeed).

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