Thursday, December 23, 2021

o to be a blogger

some holiday reading; or, 'clearing out the tabs, boys, clearing out the tabs'

1. What to do if you test positive.

2. I disagree with this language usage advice. Respondent prefers writing "Russia is the second most powerful country after the US" over "Russia is the most powerful country after the US" "because, when parsing [the latter] on-the-fly, the 'after the US' clause changes Russia's position from first to second." I don't find that anywhere as difficult as constantly wondering, when reading sentences like the first one, "So then what's the first most powerful country after the US?" (China, probably, but never mind that.) A comma before 'after' might help.

3. Someone's idea of the hundred best movies currently (as of last month) on Amazon Prime. I wouldn't watch #100 on a bet, but #1 is a superb low-key movie, an excellent film.

4. Someone who got back more from the Beatles documentary Get Back than I did.

5. A scholar from India of my acquaintance referred me to this inside view of what Indian nationalism is doing to Hindu culture and morality.

6. And another friend referred me to this takedown of a transphobic book.

7. And lastly, a bilingual seasonal pun.

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