Sunday, December 5, 2021

reading without eating

More due to other health issues in the host household, I think, than covid concerns, our Mythopoeic Society group's annual Reading and Eating meeting was by Zoom again this year. That did mean our most faithful ex-member, now far out of state, could attend; all together there were, I think, 9 of us, which would have been small enough to spread out had we been there in person.

Readings ensued, but the eating was up to ourselves. I was actually still finishing lunch when the meeting started, so I kept my camera off until I'd finished. Best reading contribution: L. with a witty and imaginative poem of her own composition in the form of a Gorey alphabet. C. read a Charles Williams Taliessin poem in memory of A., and showed just how powerfully affecting this work can be. I offered something just a week or so out of date, Matt Taibbi's defense of Thanksgiving. And I didn't even have to print it out to read it.

A gratifyingly large number of suggestions for next year's book discussion topics, instead of sitting around and looking blank when the question came up. Next up, in March: Maria Dahvana Headley's Beowulf translation.

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