Tuesday, December 7, 2021

sell anything

When I saw the recent Green Knight movie, the one with Dev Patel, I bought my online streaming ticket from an online movie vendor called A24 which, like all online vendors from which you buy anything, thinks that means you're interested in everything they sell so they send you endless marketing e-mails.

I haven't turned that one off yet, because I thought maybe I might be interested in some other movies of theirs, though that hasn't happened yet. But I did just get another mailing from them about The Green Knight, touting this dour, somber movie as "A new Christmas classic." It says, "Get tickets and make merry today." Make merry? Did anybody at the marketer actually see the movie?

Also, it tells you that "The Green Knight Collection, including The Green Knight: A Fantasy Roleplaying Game, Green Knight Tree Face Pin, Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, Fantasy Genre Candle, and more now in the shop." Where is Stan Freberg when we need him?

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