Wednesday, February 22, 2023

blustery day

A mighty wind passed through our area yesterday. It became difficult to walk across open intersections. Several trees fell. While driving home last night, I found that a fallen tree was blocking all three southbound lanes of the freeway. The emergency crews were at work, and had funneled the traffic onto the inner shoulder.

My other regret is discovering, on revisiting for the first time in several years the acclaimed deli in the City, that as far as I'm aware there is no longer an authentic-style Jewish deli in the Bay Area. (At least we still have a first-rate bagel shop.) The last good deli closed a while back; the remainder have abandoned Jewish style, or were never very good in the first place. This one the food is good, but the pastrami is under-brined and too lean, and the bread is thick gentile American bread, and where's the mustard? It's like Peter Jackson's movies: you can't fault it for succeeding at being what it is, but what it is is alien to what it claims to be.

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