Sunday, February 26, 2023

cat in the corner

On Friday, Maia went to the vet to have her teeth cleaned. This was after the bloodwork (to ensure she could take the anesthesia) the previous week.

We try to trap cats needing transport in the bathroom when they come in to eat, but Maia, besides not getting any food that morning, was wary, and ran off. After some running after her, we cornered her behind the extra chairs in the corner of the dining nook. It was too far in for B. to reach, so I grabbed Maia's neck scruff and hauled her out, and held on while B. ran and fetched the cat carrier.

Usually B. gets the cats while I get the carrier, because she's better at cat wrangling. But I can do this when I have to, and I've done it before. Fortunately Maia knew when she was defeated and gave up, unlike the time when the only way to get the late Pandora out of my closet was with heavy gardening gloves, and I still got my hands scratched up.

The bad side of this was that, having been the one who physically captured the cat, she blamed me, and wouldn't come in to the bathroom to eat the next morning when I fed them. But she'd forgiven me by the day after that, and both cats had taken on the persona of Mountain Cats. That is, cats that live on Mountain Standard Time and are absolutely convinced it's 5 p.m., feeding time, when it's actually 4 p.m. out here in the Pacific zone, and make this opinion known most vocally.

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