Friday, August 12, 2011

concert review: Music@Menlo

Quick! Right now I have four reviews on the SFCV front review page. And to think I was just asked a week or so ago why I wasn't writing for them any more. (I'd been out on a combination of vacations and slow concert season for over a month.)

Latest addition, Wednesday's mix of chamber music, solo piano music, and four-hand arrangements at Menlo. The original program, with a different pianist who had to cancel, was going to have as its four-hand offering Fauré's Dolly Suite, an enchanting piece I was looking forward to hearing. Instead, we got Brahms' valedictory chorale preludes, which I'd never heard and virtually nobody else has, either, and a Fauré piano quartet instead of the overplayed one by Dvorak. So, not a bad deal. And the Schumann violin sonata at the prelude concert was really spooky.

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