Sunday, August 28, 2011

without ollalaberries

Saturday evening concert by Broceliande, favorite medieval/renaissance/folk band, in their usual local space in the back of the newage bookstore. Usually they just come down here for their annual Christmas-season concert, which I expect I'll have to miss this year, but this one was a harvest-season concert, a little early on the schedule. Concluded by pulling out their old setting of Tolkien's "The Stone Troll", a bone-harvesting song.

Afterwards, on to social gathering, where I was too late for the ollalaberry pie tasting, but not for conversation. Amusing light tales of many Worldcon conventioneers descending on a bewildered Reno hospital to visit a sick wombat (now better, thanks). Also, I received heartfelt thanks for thinking of Zimiamvia. And, this: C., whose son is in college in New Mexico, reports that where most states have a state bird or a state flower, New Mexico has a state question. Really, quoth I, who had also recently been in New Mexico; I was not acquainted with the notion of a state question. New Mexico's state question, sayeth C., is: "Red or green?" Oh yes, replied I, I was asked that question there many times. And that there are three legitimate answers to that question, the third being "Christmas!"

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