Sunday, August 21, 2011

Worldcon, Thursday

That's right, Thursday. I'm not used to W-Sun Worldcons, so I had to keep telling myself what day it was to avoid thinking it was Friday.

Wireless access is spotty in my hotel room, and posting on a Nook is slow and awkward, so dont expect to hear much from me.

Much better day. Good panels. One on faith and science gave good examples of the religious awe inspired by scientific observations of nature, and of sf books involving religion that are not antagonistic about the religion/science relationship.

On the Locus history panel, Dick Lupoff helpfully reminded us that Locus was not the first sf newszine. Everyone listened respectfully to the old guy.

Much fun attending a live Dr. Demento show - yes, twas he - on the history of humorous sf song. Covered commercial novelty songs and filk, mostly Trek-related. He even played the original recording of "Banned from Argo." Gosh, I hadnt heard a recording or performance of that in over 20 years. It is still the Best Song Ever, as we all thought it to be in my filking days. Those filkers who have tired of it, the problem is with you.

Having had a large hotel breakfast, I limited my lunch to a fruit cup from the convention center food stand. It was an excellent fresh fruit cup. Dinner out with a gaggle of friends at Naan & Kebab, self-described Mediterranean but more Mideastern restaurant. Chicken winglets and saffron rice.

Some evening partying. Seething hell at the London bid, but the bar way in the back had Strongbow cider. Texas bid had generous quantities of bbq chicken, a bit hard on me after dinner, but good. Found myself engaged in smoffish discussion of who will accept GHLIII's Hugo should he win.

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