Monday, August 8, 2011

an evening at Cabrillo

1. Drive over the Hill to Santa Cruz without incident. Park on a residential street near the auditorium.

2. Walk over to Logos Books and find something to use up the last bit of some very longstanding trade credit.

3. Wander back to the auditorium area and look through the meager offerings of the annual street fair's food booths. Decide the Indian booth's lamb curry looks decent enough. It is.

4. Be at the auditorium's doors half an hour before showtime. This is a mistake. The doors don't open for another half an hour. In the meantime a crush of waiting concertgoers precludes any thoughts of sitting down or even moving much.

5. The concert, reviewed here. Executive summary: fair to middling. Between pieces, trade snarky remarks with seatmate, who similarly reviewed the previous night's concert.

6. Leave the post-concert Q&A session early, when the gushing comments from audience members become a bit too much. Also, it's getting on to 11 pm by now.

7. Sit trapped at the top of the Hill for 20 minutes in traffic backed up because of a nighttime construction lane closure.

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