Monday, October 5, 2020

ballots arrived

Our postal ballots arrived from the county in the mail today. California is a little slower with this than some states. But not too slow.

The ballots arrived tucked up in envelopes. Pull it out of the envelope, unfold it a few times, and you have four long, floppy sheets of heavy paper.

Looking over the races, I already have a handle on the state propositions, the booklet for which arrived last week and which I was able to annotate with half a dozen voting recommendations. Local props and the legislative posts are easy; I've watched the LWV forum for our city's mayor. That leaves two multi-seat school boards (elementary and junior college) which I had to research. Voter's Edge gave me basic info, endorsements, and links to candidate websites; then Googling all the candidates' names at once turned up one local paper which gave voting recommendations, plus - even more useful - some user comments below. And I think I have my voting decisions settled from that.

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