Friday, October 2, 2020


re Kroeber ranch

Here's a map of hotspots from 9 pm Thursday, 6 hours ago as I write.

There's a hotspot in the hills immediately above the Kroeber place, maybe half a mile away. It's orange around that area with a little red back in the middle. There's no caption saying exactly what the colors mean, though you can kind of guess.

So you can see why the immediate area has been evacuated, and anything could happen next.

Of the sites of Kesh towns in Always Coming Home, Wakwaha is on the edge of the fire and Chukulmas is completely engulfed.

Re DT having the virus, what I seriously want to know is: when did he last test negative? I'd like to know how long he may have been spreading this around. He was talking loudly for 90 minutes in a room with Joe Biden in it just a couple of days ago.

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