Friday, October 23, 2020

Dick Lupoff

Here's the news that he's died at the age of 85.

I guess that most of what I had to say about him was in my review of his memoirs. To me, he wasn't so much Richard A. Lupoff, author of science fiction, fantasy, and detective fiction, as he was this guy I knew called Dick. He was always friendly and welcoming, and I found we could talk together easily despite the disparity of our interests.

I didn't read much of his fiction, except for the famous "12:01 P.M.", which he and others felt was ripped off for the movie Groundhog Day. We talked about that once; I regret that I never took him up on the vaguely proffered offer to come over to his house and watch tapes of the two filmed adaptations of "12:01 P.M." and see what I thought of them in contrast with Groundhog Day.

Well, that's among the many things we leave undone. Farewell, Dick. You and Pat will rest easily among our warm memories.

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