Thursday, October 1, 2020

fire in the valley

What I'm watching the Glass Fire in Napa/Sonoma for is whether it's going to overtake the old Kroeber homestead, where Ursula Le Guin grew up in the summers and which forms the center of the setting of Always Coming Home. But as usual I'm having trouble getting up-to-date information. The most recent article I've seen, dated today, has an excellent map but the map is three days old! More recent maps are either too small-scale or too "approximate" to be of much use. What I can see suggests the fire perimeter is no more than a mile or two away, but hasn't overtaken the area yet. However, I've found one road closure map which shows the road to the homestead as closed, though the branch road on the far side from the fire isn't. So I take that as precautionary at this point, not as a sign of where the fire is.

We have relatives of our own in the Napa Valley, but they're much further away. It was last year's fire that worried us more.

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