Friday, April 16, 2021

lost on Facebook

One thing I like about LJ and DW (and the Blogger reading tool, whenever I use it which I rarely do) is that they're straightforward about what they show you. Pick who you want to read, it'll consolidate all their recent public posts (and any private ones you're cleared to see) in reverse chronological order, and you just read down until you get to ones you've already seen; you've got it all.

Facebook doesn't work that way. It has algorithms that determine what you see and in what order. And apparently one of those algorithms is to downrate posts by anyone you read who doesn't post very often. Actually, those are the ones I'd be most anxious to see.

Especially in this case. Because a post from about three weeks ago that B. missed on her FB feed was from a friend of ours announcing the death of his partner, whom we also knew and liked. I only heard about it yesterday when a mutual friend happened to mention it in a Zoom session. Turns out that some of our other mutual friends had gotten it in their FB, but they hadn't mentioned it.

But now we know. So we're acknowledging the passing of Adam Victor Christensen, estimable artist - that's a couple of his covers below - enthusiast for folk music and storytelling especially with harp, partner to Elvish linguist Christopher Gilson, and eager and talented chef, ready to lay down for visitors to his and Chris's abode anything from delectable appetizers to full dishes. He enlivened the lives of those who knew him.

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