Sunday, July 4, 2021

o frabjous day

And what makes it frabjous? Live concerts are in view! I have my reviewing assignments for the Music@Menlo festival which begins in two weeks, and I'm so looking forward to my first live professional music in 16 months. Blissful anticipation.

It also means I'll be able to close off my unemployment insurance account when they start asking next week if you've been looking for work. Yes, I have communicated with my employer! Yes, I start work on July 16!

Thanks to all those who offered help with my login problems, but I'm skipping out on the second day of the Tolkien Society seminar. I woke up too late this morning, I'm in no mood to suffer through online setup and listening to speakers in tinny audio, most of today's papers are not of as much interest to me as yesterday's, and besides, I have a critical analysis of a 246-page book to finish writing by noon tomorrow (2/3 done and 5100 words in) and not much more than this morning to do it in.

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