Tuesday, July 13, 2021


Things are pretty quiet here. The cats have remembered who we are and have resumed their feline behavior. Tybalt kept walking in front of my computer screen during our Zoom play reading yesterday (2 Gents of Verona) so I kept having to pick him up, incidentally displaying him to the camera (which is a plug-in that I keep to the side).

Both B. and I suffered from mild cases of post-trip crud, though they quickly faded so I don't think it was the virus. In her case it was undoubtably allergies from whatever sort of hell air they have in the super-baked Central Valley. I don't have allergies, but whatever it was came and seems to have gone away.

Quiet on the news front too. I'm not particularly interested in what either the president or the ex-president are doing, and there's nothing to fret about either, the former being calm and the latter irrelevant, so relax.

Exciting times trying to get on my computer this morning, though. Often it reboots itself and I have to log in. But occasionally it also makes me go through a Microsoft sales campaign. No, I don't want to sync my computer with an Android smartphone; I don't have a smartphone. Skip. That sort of thing. Only this time, it also wanted me to sign in to my Microsoft account. I know I have one, but I don't remember the password; it's stored on the computer, the one I now can't get in without the password. Well, there's a "forgot password" function. Which sends a message to your e-mail account. The e-mail that I use on my computer, the one it won't let me into. We go around on this a few times, then suddenly it says you're good to go and lets me in.

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